Unique TigerPly EDGE Wahoo Game Board

Categories:New Work

I recently started a new game board series that has built in storage for all of the marbles and the die. I am making many different games in the same style. This game series has keyhole slots on the back to allow for hanging as well. You don’t want to hide away a beautiful piece of art in a closet do you?

Just to try something different, I used some 1/2″ TigerPly EDGE and some 3/4″ TigerPly EDGE to make this unique board. I cut both sizes of plywood into 1″ strips and then glued them all together on their sides. I think there was about 40 strips that I had to glue together. Then, after smoothing the surface of the new panel, I proceeded with my normal process to make the game board. I am very happy with the result! What are your thoughts?

I have this game board available for sale on my web store!

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