How to make a Cheese Slicer


20160507-IMG_9983-1-3I made this cheese slicer for my wife. We use it all the time! We love cheese… You can make one too! I made a YouTube video showing you how. Also, I sell the kits you would need at a better price than you’ll find at popular woodworking stores.  Here is a link to the kits in my store. Check out the video and free plans for a Jig below!

Here is the drilling jig I used:  Cheese Slicer Drilling Jig Plans (1205 downloads)

It doesn’t take much lumber to make one of these cheese slicers. All in all, the board needs to be around 9 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ or so. You can make it shorter or longer if you like. You can even change the shape up a bit if you are feeling frisky!

For this board, I pulled a few boards from my scrap bin and decided to go with some Curly Maple, a piece of Curly Cherry, Redheart and a little more Cherry to finish out an edge.Mobile-Lumber-Rack_00002 This is just angle of that cut… Cutting large sheets of plywood on my table saw without any sort of infeed support or and outfeed table is quite a chore. I ended up putting my workbench up against my saw to use as an outfeed table for this project because of working with these long cuts. Mobile-Lumber-Rack_00003 Next, from the strip that was left over, I cut off a 1″ strip to use later as a foot for the plywood storage area. Mobile-Lumber-Rack_00004 Because pretty much all commercial grade lumber you buy from big box stores are not all that consistant in size, I decided to joint the edges. Mobile-Lumber-Rack_00005 Just like I would normally do, I had already cut the boards down to rough length. With the board jointed on one edge, I made all of my 2x6s 5 1/4″ wide and all of the 2x4s 3 1/4″ wide. Mobile-Lumber-Rack_00006 Currently, because I’m currently in a bit of a shop-transition phase… I have not assembled my new dust collector and ductwork yet. So my jointer is just creating a nice pile of shavings. Mobile-Lumber-Rack_00008 I setup a stop block toward the end of my fence at the length I wanted to cut in for the top rack storage above the sheet goods. Because I had the sheet goods portion set back at around a 5 degree angle, I needed this cut to be here so there would be enough lumber to support the upper racks.

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