Walnut & Maple Mantle Clock



Late a few nights ago I was going through many old woodworking magazines for inspiration. I had never built anything directly from a plan before, however I really liked a clock I saw in an old February 2012 issue of Woodsmith magazine. Their version was made with oak and featured a handmade accent tile. I considered changing the sizing as well as eliminating the accent tile area below the clock. However, I liked the idea of making my own insert with the letter B to symbolize the first letter in my family’s last name. Ultimately, I didn’t change any sizing, I just changed a little on how I attached the backing boards. Below is the video of my process in making this clock. After posting, I realized, I totally didn’t mention Woodsmith magazine in any way in my video what so ever. So below my video, you’ll find the link to their plans that I later found they had available to download!

Download their plans here

I started with some walnut that was much to wide for my jointer, so I had to split it in half on my bandsaw before flattening it.

Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img01 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img02 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img03 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img04 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img05 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img06 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img07 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img08 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img09 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img10 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img11 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img12 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img13 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img14 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img15 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img16 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img17 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img18 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img19 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img20 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img21 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img22 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img23 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img24 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img25 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img26 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img27 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img28 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img29 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img30 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img31 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img32 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img33 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img34 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img35 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img36 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img37 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img38 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img39 Walnut-Mantle-Clock_img40

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